About Us

Not often are we led to JUMP off of a cliff into this path called destiny. For most those compelling moments come and go and very few choose to act upon them and actually do something about it.
NinaRuChi is nickname my Mother gave to me as a toddler. When she called me this her intentions were to influence my creative self. So now thirty years later I chose to act in “my moment” of inspiration in this brand new year and create an online store. It may be small to some but a LEAP for me.
As I embark upon different paths of greatness I decided to start here by reconnecting with NinaRuChi and bringing my creative influence forward. So whether you purchase a new dress to redefine your wardrobe, a handbag to make a bold statement, or one of our sweet deals that you come home to everyday that invigorates your living space the goal is for your shopping experience to be pleasurable and your creativity to be awakened!
I dare you to join in on this movement called purpose and get something NEW for you because you deserve it!
Thanks for shopping with us!